Food, ancestors and cats

There’s been a lot of stuff going on here that I’ve wanted to write about, but I’m finding it hard to sit down and focus.

I have a new toy: GPS enabled heart monitor. I was kinda outgrowing my Nike sport kit and was really interested in the heart monitor bit.

We ate the lamb I made last weekend for most of the week, ending in a sublime cottage pie on Friday evening.

I grilled a whole chicken last night, and we’re expecting to eat that most of this week.

A friend of mine wanted to see if her interest in genealogy was simply her history or if the whole process was interesting. She started tracking my history which has been interesting. She traced 3 of my grandparents back to when they crossed the Atlantic. Dad was Prussia and Ireland. Mom was Prussia. The other line is even more interesting, she’s traced mom’s maternal line back to 1665 still on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (Crisfield, to be exact).

At work I’m looking at how to present complex technical information in useful and understandable formats. Visualizing and creating graphics is so not a strength of mine, but I think it’s something I have to do. We’ll see how it goes.

Cats are fine, and settling into a new routine since we moved furniture last weekend.

We got our Netflix streaming disk for the Wii on Saturday and streamed a couple episodes of Lost (we’re catching up and just finished season one on Friday) last night. It worked extremely well and I can see us streaming a whole lot in the future.

Saturday I went to get some new blister prevention socks at the running store and discovered that Penzey’s Spices has an actual store in Menlo Park. We spent a good half hour just wandering around and smelling different things. We picked up a curry powder and a balti seasoning. Tonight we’re making chicken balti with fresh naan. Yum. Steve may have to make the chicken, though, I have an extremely painful crick in my neck and it’s hard to do anything but stare straight ahead.


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