Temperence Flowerdew

Born in England, about 30 miles from where Steve grew up. She came to Jamestown as part of the convoy of ships that grounded in Bermuda in 1609. The survivors eventually made it to the colonies, where she married George Yeardly, later Sir George Yeardly, governor of Jamestown.

Apparently, they are my greatx grandparents.

I spent a very long time believing my family was new to the US. Family lore says that the Tessmer side came over during WWI. I didn’t know much about the rest of my family, but for some reason assumed they were recent immigrants. Not so much it seems. The Burke’s (dad’s mother) came over from Ireland on the mid 1800’s. The Gruter’s (mom’s father) and the Tessmer’s (dad’s father) came over around the same time from Prussia.

Mom’s maternal line, though… traces back almost to the original colonists at Jamestown. The shipwreck was the 3rd supply convoy 2 years after the colony was founded.

Cool, huh?



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2 responses to “Temperence Flowerdew

  1. lux

    So is joining the DAR next? :p

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