New toy

We had decided we weren’t going to get one of the first generation iPads. The real killer app for us is the non-subscription cellular access. If we’re out and something massively breaks at a customer, we can buy connectivity and fix the customer. Untethers us from network in a way that doesn’t cost a thousand dollars a year just for emergencies. Such a win.

Yesterday, though, we headed up to Best Buy to take a look at the demo models. After handling and playing with one for about 5 minutes, we realized we were going to have to have two. These are great for conferences, and given we are in the same field and normally travel to conferences together that means one for each of us.

However, conferences have wireless so we don’t need cellular on both of them. Only one will be the bat-pad (we already have a bat-phone for support issues).

After we made that decision, then the question was: does Best Buy have any in stock. We find someone and ask. Yes! They have 2 left. Guy goes off to find key, and discovers that the one he thought was in the back has been sold. We’re down to one available in the store, but another shopper is still deciding if she wants an iPad or a laptop. “If she doesn’t decide in 3 minutes, this one is yours,” he tells us.

We hang out a bit, and then the other shopper decides to buy the iPad. Oh, well, it was a bit of a lark. Then they tell us, that they are releasing reserved but unclaimed ones at 5pm.

We walk back over a little before 5. There are 3 not yet picked up, but about half a dozen folks hanging around. One woman is interested and the staff says she’s been waiting the longest. The employee we’d talked to earlier wasn’t there, so I told the story of us being told they had some earlier, but them being sold between the time we said “yes” and the keys being found.

They sell the other woman one, then quietly motion us over to the customer service counter. “We have 2, one 64GB and one 32GB, which do you want?” Score!


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