Blogging from the iPad

I’ve had the iPad for a little over 48 hours. I’ve already found one rather addictive city building mmo, although I don’t know how much more interesting it will be once my city is actually built and the only way to expand territory is to conqueror other players.

I’m writing this post on the iPad, as much to see how annoying I find typing on the screen vs typing on a real keyboard. I’m finding the keyboard quite useable; a few more typos and corrections than I normally make. OTOH, the apple self-correction is accurate enough I can just type through them. This is especially nice when using contractions, as i can just type “im” and the pad corrects it to I’m.

I think I turned on geolocation, so we’ll see how that works when I post this.

Y’know what app I really want for this? A note taking program that has a keyboard for typing text as well as drawing for adding diagrams. I do have the adobe ideas app, which is nice and useful for sketching. But Im really seeing this as the thing to take to conferences and using it in sessions. But maybe that’s just me.

I’m a little obsessive about notes and in some of my grad classes took notes with 2 four color pens. 8 colors for drawing internal cell processes and describing what’s going on made studying easier for me. I also used multiple colors in my lab notebooks – one color for protocol, one for observations, one for random observations and thoughts. Made them easier for me to read.

I used color a lot in the lab. I’d set up experiments in different color test tubes. Madr it so I could tell which were samples and which were controls even months later, just by looking at the rack in the fridge.

Anyway, enough reminiscing about what was. The iPad is a fun toy and I don’t quite understand all the “how it fails” reports on blogs and papers. Really, it’s not a laptop replacement, and if you’re getting it to replace a laptop you are going to be disappointed. I also liked Kate’s take on it as an appliance that was for absorbing and listening not necessarily interacting.


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