It was faaaabulous!

Some friends from various countries to the east of the Atlantic Ocean were in town this week for business. We headed up to the city to meet them for dinner and a drink. Their employer is not far from AT&T park I suggested we try the newly opened Public House at the ballpark.

All in all a nice space, good food and lots of beer. We also had a faaaabulous waiter who spent much of the evening flirting with the table. Even I got some friendly winking and general teasing. I think the funniest bit of the night was when the waiter offered Steve a “midnight session.” I almost fell off my chair laughing. Eventually it was clarified that what was meant (uh huh…) was would Steve like another of the Magnolia Billy Sunday Bitter.

(note: the magnolia website is not very useful, but is awesome in its own way)

Fingers crossed for the folks we had food with. One has to go back to London, the other Amsterdam and it’s not looking good for European airports being open any time soon.


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One response to “It was faaaabulous!

  1. JamesH

    Hah, I’d forgotten about our interesting waiter! Good choice of venue though, except maybe for the pork crackling things.

    Still no idea on when I might be able to leave this land for home though – *stranded* I tell you! 🙂

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