Noodles for lunch

I’m not a big fan of sandwiches for lunch. They’re OK and all and sometimes they’re really good. But they never seem to be really satisfying (not without chips and pickles). Working from home, it’s reasonably easy to make something tasty.

On a recent trip to the asian supermarket, we picked up some broth concentrate. Have no clue what it is, there is only a very small bit of english on the label. But it says “dilute 2:1” so I know it’s a concentrate of some kind. We also bought some udon noodles. So I’ve been making a lot of udon dishes for lunch recently.

We’re out of udon, but I still wanted something savory and vaguely asian. We also have some leftover steak and some broccoli that needs to be eaten. I put together a quick penne pasta dish.

The sauce was a splash of broth concentrate, some oyster sauce, squirt of sriracha, couple shakes of soy sauce and a small bit of hoisin. I steamed a stalk of broccoli and chopped the steak. I mixed all of that together with the sauce ingredients and let it sit while the penne cooked. When the penne was done, I scooped it out of the pasta water and added it to the steak and broccoli. Mixed well and added another splash of broth ’cause it seemed to need a little more liquid.

Then I topped it with some chopped green onion and, voilà! lunch. Was very tasty, too.


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