Grill-roasted fingerling potatoes

The farmer’s market closest to us opens in May. Last Saturday we didn’t make it for the opening day, but we did head out there today. We picked up beets, green beans, some cheese, potatoes and a beefalo NY Strip steak.

Dinner was steak, potatoes and green beans all done on the grill. With good grass fed beef I prefer to treat it very, very simply. Salt, pepper and heat.

I wrapped the green beans and a few shakes of soy sauce in some aluminum foil and cooked them over indirect heat on the grill.

The steak was great, the beans were yummy but the potatoes… those were something special.

I took about a dozen medium size fingerlings and wrapped them in a foil pouch with about a tablespoon of butter and a small amount of hawaiian sea salt. I dropped them on the grill over direct heat for a couple minutes and then moved them to the mid range of the grill. They cooked for 20 minutes or so and then I pulled them off.

They were so good. We’re so doing those again. I might add some herbs (rosemary comes to mind first off) to the packet before grilling, but just the butter and salt really pulled out the flavor of the potato.


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