Eating seasonally

We actually try to eat seasonally. Not as much out of any dogmatic belief but just because seasonal eating tends to feel right. During the winter we eat heavy stuff that takes hours to cook like stews and bean dishes and braised meats. During the summer we have a lot of vegetables, grill and generally eat “lighter” food.

The seasons are a bit confused here in Northern California. We’re getting the very, very first of the summer vegetables, but the weather is cool, cloudy and rainy like it was still February. Likewise our eating has been a bit confused.

Last week we braised some beef shanks in a very herby tomato broth. Tonight, we took the leftovers and made lasagna. It’s still in the oven but it looks yummy. Last night we had a grilled rib eye with paired with a grilled corn and cucumber salad and toasted pita bread. See? Confused!

I know how badly we need the rain due to the 3 year drought, but I’m kinda ready for summer weather and summer eating.


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