Oh. Ow.

A couple years ago I picked up the Wii fit + balance board. The exercises were reasonably easy but very focused on the lower body. So when EA sports active came out I picked that up, because it came with a resistance band and touted itself as a more balanced workout.

I haven’t done much with it, for a variety of reasons. This past Thursday I decided to do a short workout because I haven’t been walking due to weather reasons. Yes, I’ve turned into a California Weather Wuss.

I picked one of the easy 30 minute total body workout. Easy my butt! I feel silly admitting it, but I really pushed myself way beyond where I should have. I could barely walk the next morning and am still experiencing serious, serious muscle pain in a couple places.

On one level I find it funny. I didn’t think I was overdoing it at the time. I mean, I knew I was pushing the limits of my muscles but not this badly. On another level, the endorphins! I am waiting for the pain to go away enough so I can do it again.


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