My world is busy

It’s been typically busy and insane here. I keep meaning to post more, but by the time I’m ready to stop working the last thing I want to do is blog for fun.

We’ve also been out quite a bit in the evenings recently. We decided to take some classes so we could start making stuff at Techshop. Last weekend was on the laser machines and I did a class on the embroidery machine. Then Wednesday we took “Concepts of CNC” which was basically 2 hours of dense information about how to use all sorts of computer controlled machines to make anything we want.

We haven’t had a chance to actually do anything at Techshop, and Steve’s head down coding and I’m juggling multiple clients with serious problems which doesn’t lead to a lot of desire to spend leisure time creating things. But we have a lot of ideas and keep coming up with more.

I’m cooking a roast chicken dinner this evening, with creamed corn and banana fingerling potatoes. I also emptied and scrubbed the fridge out today. I had plans to do other things around the house, but managed to burn my thumb in the fridge (hey, the bulb was *out*) bad enough that I’m babying it.


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