Chicken and cream corn empanadas

One of the lovely things about cooking a chicken is leftovers. We can get at least 4 meals out of a 3 – 5 pound roast chicken, and that’s before I make chicken broth. Last night we split one of the breasts, so we have all the dark meat and half the white left. We also have at least a cup of creamed corn left.

The plan initially for this evening was a picnic dinner in the living room: potato salad, tomato and mozzarella salad, cold chicken and bread. Then we watched cooking channel this morning and saw corn empanadas. That set us to thinking about what we could make with corn and chicken and empanada dough.

I currently have empanada dough chilling in the fridge. I’m still thinking about the exact filling. It will be based on the creamed corn, with the meat from one leg and thigh shredded and mixed into it. If it’s too thick I will thin it out with a little bit of the pan gravy from last night to add moisture and flavor. If it’s not too thick (which I suspect it will be) then I’ll thin it out anyway and reduce it until it’s the consistency I want.

I also can’t decide on the size of pastries I want to do. Small ones so we can each have 2 or 3? Or make them big so one is sufficient for a meal? Whatever size I decide to do them, there will be leftovers. Mmmm… Leftovers. Sorry, got distracted. But the other question is how far to cook the ones to freeze? Just leave them and cook them from frozen? Or par cook them, freeze and finish later? Decisions. Decisions.

In any case, once again we’ll have leftovers of leftovers. This is a common theme in our house, where we’ll take leftovers (or I suppose the more modern term is “planned overs”) from previous meals and use them as part of  a new meal. Remind me at some point to talk about the pasta sauce I made from the leftover italian sausage braising liquid last week.

Happy Father’s day, Dad.


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