Full of minty goodness

We picked up a lovely set of lamb loin chops for dinner at the farmers market this morning. That drove us over to the herb stand for mint. There were *giant* bunches of mint for $1.00. It looks more like they were pruning the mint before it took over the world than harvesting for sale. We’ll take it anyway.

I’m going to be doing some mint sauce in a few, but I’ve already made some mint syrup and mint sugar.

1 cup sugar, 1 cup water and 2 cups washed mint leaves brought to a boil and left to cool on the stove. I’m going to strain out the steeped mint through cheesecloth add a few fresh mint leaves and then stash it in the fridge for a few days before using in … stuff.

The mint sugar was even easier. A mason jar full of superfine sugar mixed with clean, dry mint leaves. Stash in a cupboard for a few weeks.

Mint sauce for the grilled lamb this evening will also be pretty simple. Chiffonade a  handful of washed mint leaves, cover with malt vinegar, set aside to steep for a few hours. Serve as a sauce with yummy, yummy grilled lamb.


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