Roasted corn salad

Corn on the cob, fresh from the farmer, is one of the best bits of summer. And it has to come from the farmers market or the back of some truck. The only exception I make to the “corn only comes from the farmer” is the local green grocer that not only tells you where their corn came from but when it was picked. It is corn season here and I’ve been getting a half dozen or so ears each Saturday. It also needs to be cooked within a day or so, it doesn’t store at all.

If we’re not going to eat in by Monday, I’ll go ahead and grill it then store the whole corn in the fridge until I have something to do with it. Grilling it is so easy. I just take the whole thing, husks and all, and throw it on a hot grill for a while. Sometimes I let it go until the husks really dry out and char. Other times just enough to heat it through and steam in its own husk.

I did a batch last weekend, and have had it (in the husk) sitting in the fridge until I had something to do with it. Tonight I pulled it out and shucked it. I stripped the kernels off the cob. I froze 3 cobs worth, as it freezes well and then we have roast corn. Yum.

The rest (3 cobs worth) I turned into corn salad.

Roast corn from 3 cobs, cut off the cob and broken.

1/2 red onion coarsely diced

small handful of red cabbage

4 chiffonaded basil leaves

Mix everything in a big bowl. Mix a dressing:

1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar

1 teaspoon chopped garlic (I used some from a jar, as it’s milder. I don’t think I’d use fresh garlic.)

1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

Mix everything together and let the flavors infuse for an hour or so.

Tonight we had it with fresh bread and cheese. It was very, very tasty. One of my better corn salads.


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