Monday? Again? Really?

Usually summer is a time to slow down and regroup. Not so much this summer. The last two weeks have been insanely busy. We’ve not really been cooking mostly due to lack of time. It’s also been very cool here, the rest of the country seems to have gotten all our heat. I’m enjoying the low electric bills but kinda miss some actual summer weather.

This weekend we ran a lot of errands and not a lot else. I am hating the fact that it’s monday and am blogging here when I really should be reading the final draft of a client report.

In other news our printer has decided everything should be magenta. It’s very bright and not very useful. Must call the printer dealer and figure out if it’s fixable or we should just buy a new printer. On the good end our new multifunction machine (fax, scanner and printer) arrived so we do actually have a working black and white printer.

I do also want to blog about the ruling in the Prop 8 trial, but writing something coherent will take me a little longer than I have. I did take some time last week to actually read it. It’s *dense* and covers a lot of the history of marriage in the US. I found it a little sad because it talked about how previously wives could not sign contracts, take out loans or anything that might indicate they had a legal identity separate from their husband. I’d always known that women were considered chattel but all of those implications hadn’t hit me quite so viscerally as the ruling did.

Needless to say I am quite pleased that marrying Steve didn’t cause me to lose my entire identity and have to give up all my independent legal standing. I’m also very thankful to those women who went before who worked so hard to fight for the rights to be a person and not simply a wife.


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