Sunday… bloody (mary) sunday

It seems the last few weeks have been even more busy than usual. I spent a week in Atlanta training the Compliance Chimps and then came back to a backlog that I’ve been slowly working through.

Today, we’re both trying to get some tasks done, so we planned well yesterday. Fresh bread and bacon for bacon sannies, accompanied by bloody marys. We’ve been working our way through the bloody mary mixes at bev mo. This one is Zing Zang and is pretty good. Steve added some bacon hot sauce to his, but I’m having mine straight. The mix itself is a bit of spicy with a light horseradish tang and enough salt.

Work has been good if a bit stressful. I’m in the process of changing the focus my consulting. Overall a good thing but yet another freaking opportunity for growth.

The cats are fine. The little orange cat with no tail has showed up again. He’s looking extremely skinny and looking a bit rough around the edges. By our count, though, he’s at least a 5 year old feral. One who lost half his tail at a very young age. We’re feeding him when he comes by. He is a sweet little cat, but very clearly *feral* and will hiss at us if we get too close.  He’s been around for years, he’ll come by for a few days and then will wander off and we won’t see him for months. Every time he stops coming by I think we’ll stop seeing him, but he keeps showing up. I’m pretty sure he is just going to disappear one day soon. But I’m not sure that trapping him and taking him to the vet is going to do any good for him. The stress alone may hurt him. So we’ll make sure he’s fed and give him a safe place to be and be sad when he’s gone.

We’ve not been cooking much. Both of us are pretty stressed and haven’t been taking the time to make meals the way we normally do. It’s getting to be fall, though, which means our cravings are leaning towards warm, hearty comfort foods. But I can’t quite summon up the enthusiasm to cook.

It’s getting to 1pm and it’s time to stop goofing off and open up the todo list and start slaying dragons. Oh, and be a cat bed.


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