He said what?

Recently, someone made a flat out racist joke on a mailing list. It was from someone I don’t much like and have zero respect for so I was a bit surprised to find my opinion of the poster going down even further than it had been.

Someone else, though, did call the poster out for the joke. He did it in one of the standard ways: asking the poster to explain the joke. Instead of realizing that he, perhaps, may have said something offensive the original poster decided to double down and explain why it was funny. Using a second racist joke.

I wish I could say I was surprised. I wish I could say I was shocked. On one level I am, I don’t see much blatant racism in most of my semi-professional groups. On another level I know that my social groups are not totally mainstream. Sadly, I am only slightly surprised that someone I don’t much like and wouldn’t hang out with by choice would feel safe enough in that professional group to make blatantly racist jokes.

I wish I could say this was a teachable moment and that the original poster understands. Not so much. He can’t even really be shunned, as he is frequently shunned on this list because he’s a total jerk and no one much likes him. This has been going on as long as I’ve known him online. Thinking about it, I believe he’s the person that was obnoxious enough on Usenet to send me diving for docs and learning how to build and maintain a trn killfile. Somewhere back in 1994 or 5. Yeah, no teachable moment here.

plus ça change.



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3 responses to “He said what?

  1. Al

    You noticed that too, huh?

  2. Laura Atkins

    It… kinda annoyed me.

  3. HLS

    I recently received a racist, anti-Muslim email from a woman I know from my horsey circle. Rather than calling her out publicly, I sent her a personal note describing why her email offended me and asking that she not include me on future emails of that kind. She replied apologizing up and down, and I haven’t gotten another one like it. I’m certain my scolding hasn’t changed her bad ways, but at least I was able to say my piece and I have an idea of who she is. Or as my mother likes to say “you’ve shown me who you are and now I believe you.”

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