Visiting DC

Long time since I’ve updated here. We spent a week with in DC, visiting with my parents and then MAAWG and a couple days of touristing in the city.

Had fun with my folks. Dad, after all 60+ years of wanting a Vette, finally bought one a few months ago. He’s so thrilled. It’s a bright red convertible. Lots of fun. He took me out for a ride, and let me drive it. EEP! My clutch skills are rusty but it was fun.

MAAWG was busy. But, I see progress. We’re not still going around and around and around about how the ISPs need to tell everyone how to get past the ISP spam filters. There’s a giant blog post (or 3) on the work blog about how it’s NOT a delivery conference, but I haven’t quite caught up enough on stuff to be able to correctly craft the post. There’s also a long post about SORBS and their most recent fustercluck but, again, it needs some crafting.

We spent a day being tourists in DC which was nice. It was one of those absolutely perfect fall days. Sunny but not too hot.

If you’re in DC and have a few minutes I strongly recommend going to see the exhibit of Secretary Albright’s brooches. Not only is it some beautiful jewelry but it insight into an amazing woman. The last brooch we saw brought tears to my eyes, though. It was a family heirloom given too her by a man who lost his whole family in Katrina.

We also visited the Newseum, which was incredible. It’s all about the press and the first amendment. There is a 20 foot long section of the Berlin wall which discusses about how much the press influenced East Berlin and helped the citizens pull down the wall. There is a tearjerker of an exhibit dedicated to the one journalist to lose his life in NY on 9/11. There were more than a few people walking out of there weeping.

They also have on display all of the Pulitzer photos, some with commentary by the photographers. I have seen a lot of these shots before, but the display was overwhelming and powerful in a way just seen the individual photos isn’t.

One of the exhibits has newspapers going back to the invention of the printing press. One of the examples from London in the mid-1500s had an ad offering a reward for the king’s lost dog. It made me smile.

I strongly recommend anyone visiting DC go. It’s not taxpayer supported and you actually have to pay admission. It’s Worth Every Penny.

After a long day touristing, we had a lovely, romantic, al fresco Italian dinner.

All in all it was a good trip. Even if we both worked really hard.

I have pictures and will get them posted soon. I didn’t have the space to take my camera so made do with the iPhone, but I do have some nice shots.


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