Oh, citibank

Somewhere along the line, citibank crossed our accounts and put the business mailing address on the credit card we have with them. Why? No clue. Certainly wasn’t something we authorized (those accounts are not supposed to be linked at all).

We haven’t been using the card, but the web interface into the bank has told me for 2 months now “your new card is in the mail.” I finally decided to open a support request and that’s when I found out about the address screwup.

In order to fix the address I need access to the card number. I don’t have the card number because the last cards were destroyed and the new cards weren’t mailed to us. I can’t get the card number because the mailing address is totally wrong. Recursive much?

I suspect it’s going to take actually going into the bank to fix this. Something I’m not looking forward to. I suppose that’s also the correct time to point out they’ve managed to duplicate one of my IRA accounts. That’s just a battle I’ve been putting off because it’s going to suck. I’ve found citi to be a generally inoffensive bank, but only because I don’t have to deal with them often. When I do have to deal with them, the pain of moving accounts around to a new bank suddenly looks like not such a painful task.


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