What happens when you assume?

I, and possibly every other person with a female sounding twitter handle, had that happen to me this morning. Someone decided the way to promote their dating site would be to tweet “helpful” comments as @replies. Both my work account and my personal account got hit with suggestions on how to improve my experience in online dating.

Uh. No.

I’ll be honest, bad marketing really pisses me off. And, really, WTF, people? So I replied that my husband had seen their suggestions to improve my dating profile, we’d gotten into a huge fight and he’d left me. I almost threw in a bit about how he beat me up, but I thought that was a bit too far.

And, no, it’s not like it’s even an issue here, but not every woman on twitter is in a healthy relationship. How dare they assume their tweets are relevant? Don’t they understand this could hurt people?

Don’t try and tell me that this kind of thing doesn’t cause harm. How much harm could be caused by Google adding everyone to Buzz and allowing them to opt-out? Well, at least one person experienced harm.

So, marketers, don’t assume you know me. Don’t assume that your little stunt is harmless and won’t cause problems if it’s not-relevant. Don’t assume. After all, it makes a total ass out of you.


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