Sugar, really?

Steve took me out to dinner at Coi, which was amazing and spectacular and phenomenal and wonderful and deserves its own post.

I was telling some people about it, and was expounding in great detail about the 8 different savory courses we had. The beef cheeks and ox tail tureen seared and served next to a perfectly prepared piece of seared loin. The vegetable and fruit leathers made with seasonal harvests and the best damn almonds I’ve had in my entire life. They finally interrupted me asking about dessert.

Wait? What? Dessert? oh, yeah, they were fine. Some well executed cheesecakey thing. Actually, it was goat cheese mousse with a graham cracker tuile. Not overly sweet, and the goat cheese had a bit of a sour edge. The other was a cinnamon smoked apple. Again, very good and tasty and not very sweet.

It just shocked me that people would ask about dessert over the savory courses. Do people really not notice what they eat that much? Eh. I know, I know. To me, desserts are desserts and while I’ve had some amazing ones, I care much more about the savory end of things than the sweet end of things. We keep some cookies in the house, mostly shortbread or sometimes ginger snaps but sweets? Desserts? Not so much.


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