TSA theater

I’m not a good flyer in the first place. I do it enough, but I really don’t like it. The new TSA extreme groping / virtual strip search regulations are just enough to make me stop flying for any other reason than I absolutely have to. Even before the new regulations took effect Nov 1, I was already subject to extensive searching when I flew. Why? Because I would forget and wear the same underwear I always wear. That would set off the metal detectors and *poof* I am subject to an extra search. It isn’t fun. Much less I ended up waiting nearly 10 minutes in DC last month because the only woman screener in the terminal refused to do come until ordered to by a supervisor.

I’m pretty much at the point where I will go out of my way to avoid flying. This is kinda crap because we’ve been talking about heading off for a weekend in Vegas. We hadn’t made specific plans, but one of the incentives was the $100 round trip airfare on Virgin America. 

In the hopes that a company with more pull than I have (ie, they own representatives where I am a mere citizen mortal) I contacted them to let them know we would be curtailing our flying.

My husband and are a great fans of Virgin America and have been looking at booking a couple trips to Vegas over the winter. We would, of course, fly VA as you are our preferred airline. However, due to the new TSA regulations requiring invasive searches, we will not longer be flying for any reason other than we absolutely have to.

I know that Virgin America values their passengers as well as their employees and that as an airline you treat everyone with the simple human dignity they deserve. Unfortunately, the TSA doesn’t and that will affect how much I spend on travel on your airline.

Thank you for your time.

Their response was canned and not unexpected.

Thank you for contacting us.

While we work closely with the Transportation Security Administration, the TSA is a completely separate organization and we hope you will understand why we are unable to respond on their behalf.

Please contact the TSA directly at tsa-contactcenter@dhs.gov.

I just hope that at some point these are all collected and someone notices. I’m not holding out too much hope, though.

We did book a night up in Japantown in a couple weeks, though. Should be a fun evening out. And no groping by strangers.


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