Forgiven, sorta

Amelia has been losing weight recently. 3 pounds over the last 4 or 5 months. It may be healthy, but I had a momentary freak out over it. So off to the vet.

Now, our cats are loving and adorable and sweet. With us. Mostly. Two techs, a leash, a vet, 3 towels and sedation were required. That was mostly because I’m worried enough about her weight loss to ask for blood work. While she was sedated (well, while it was still taking effect) the vet tried to get the leash back on her. Amelia caught the leash in her teeth and wouldn’t let go. She even growled ever so much like a puppy playing tug of war.

But, her vaccinations are up to date and I should hear from the vet later today that her blood work was just fine. So another year before I have to worry about the cat rodeo.

My nose will heal (now that I have extracted the 5mm piece of cat claw from the hole!) and so will the scratches on my chest. And I have been forgiven. We were not back for more than an hour before she climbed up onto the chair with me, where she is resting now. I’m shocked, I figured she would go upstairs and hide behind the desks and pout for at least a few hours. But, no, she’s happy here with me.

I adore this cat more than I can say.

Kitty Hammock

UPDATE: Vet called, liver enzymes are slightly elevated, they’re going to check her thyroid levels (with some of the blood they pulled today). If they don’t have a good idea after that it’s back for an ultrasound to look at her liver. I feel both relieved (that I noticed something was off and that I took her in and went through the pain of getting a blood pull) and worried that my little cat is actually sick.


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