Amelia update

The vet’s office called this morning, and Amelia’s thyroid values are fine. So the next step, if we want to keep pursuing this is to get her in for a sedated ultrasound to check her liver.

I’m torn. It is perfectly possible that she’s fine and the “slightly elevated liver enzymes” are not an actual symptom. In fact, that could merely be a side effect of her losing weight. And any trip to the vet is going to be stressful for her. It’s very possible I’m over reacting. But what if I’m not? What the downside?

I’m thinking let it go for a month or so and seeing how things change. Vet says I can monitor her weight by holding her and weighing myself then doing math. HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is not a cat that takes to holding.

The good news, though, is that her thyroid is fine. The bad news is we still have no explanation for her losing 2 – 3 pounds over 4 months.


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