Christmas… ish?

For the first time I can remember we have not made plans for Christmas. No company here, no plans to go to Vegas (a trip that ended before it began due to massive snowstorms elsewhere in the US and planes grounded in Denver), no visiting family either in this country or outside it. No plans.

It’s been kinda nice, actually. Christmas, to me, is all about doing things one is obligated to do. I like the lights, generally, but other than that I don’t really find it to be as magical and wonderful and special as I am supposed to. I was kinda hoping to get our tree up this year. We bought a fake one a few years back, but haven’t been home the last 2 years and putting up a tree just wasn’t doable. Now, we’re 2 days before Christmas and it’s not up and I don’t even know where it is in the garage and well, why bother?

We did, however, do a bit of baking. Steve made fruitcake. Not that horrible stuff with green cherries but real fruitcake with tons of dried fruit rehydrated in rum. The rehydrated fruit looked good enough to eat with a spoon. Rehydrated Fruit

The finished cakes came out well and have been brushed with brandy. We’ll feed them for a couple days and probably have them around New Year’s.
Finished Fruitcake

I got it into my head I wanted to make sugar plums. Why? I blame the Nutcracker. Then I saw Alton Brown had a recipe for them so decided I would make them. I am not sure I quite like the red sugar on them — but finding sugar to cover them in was a shopping adventure. Who knew Safeway hated Christmas so much that they would stock neither fruitcake ingredients or coarse sugar for decorating cookies?

Sugar plums post sugar

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate. May Santa bring you everything you desire.


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