Furniture weirdness

I have this weird aversion to sitting on furniture that shakes. Not just shakes, but when you get a “bang” as when something thumps on the furniture and then it jiggles for a few seconds. This is something that has bugged me since I started sharing furniture with folks. I had more than one uncomfortable discussion (ok, possibly there was screaming involved) with roommates in college who couldn’t stop banging on the bed. I hate hate hate hate hate hate it.

I get it’s a weird thing. I get this is my own little weirdness. But there’s something about that “thump – jiggle” that triggers a scream deep in my hindbrain. It makes me unwilling to share furniture with people, particular when I’m trying to concentrate on stuff.

I am pretty sure no one notices this but me. I try not to scream, but just move to my own bit of furniture when it gets to be too much. When I just want to cut off limbs because this is such a deeply, deeply creepy, hateful feeling. But right now I’m trapped with a cat (who is not at the moment being pointy) sleeping on my lap.

I wonder how long it is before I go totally flying rodent guano and start screaming or tearing my hair out?

UPDATE: yeah, I gave up an moved. Cat’s already back, though.


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