Kitchen appliances

I was in the middle of making dinner Wednesday. Leftover pork roast, red peppers, onions all fried up then wrapped in tortillas. Some jarred enchilada sauce and we’re all ready for popping in the oven. Which seems to be heating slowly.

Oh, well, I’ll just go sit and check mail and then the oven will beep when it’s heated.

Hrm. Wait. It’s been long enough for the oven get up to temperature.

Wait. No heat at all? No flame.

Well. Crap.

No enchiladas for us and the oven is broke. Now, I really don’t like our range. It’s crappy contractor grade. And we’ve already replaced bits of it (the entire electronic panel) once. And this bit involves the actual gas bit, which means I’ll feel better hiring someone instead of doing it ourselves. And it really is an generally easy fix, but do we want to fix the range (AGAIN) or do we just want to buy a new one.

And, hey, if we’re going to get a new range what about a new fridge?

So we talked about it and went looking at appliances. We haven’t made many decisions, yet, but it is very likely we’ll get a new range and fridge in the next few weeks. I have to admit, I’m kinda drooling over the 36″ ranges, but we have a 30″ space. So then my brain starts to go down the road of kitchen remodel. But that way lies MADNESS. And we’re not planning to be here much longer so a full remodel makes no sense. NO SENSE. NO BIG KITCHEN REMODEL.

In any case, we’ll be shopping again this weekend most likely. And probably placing an order for some new appliances.


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