Things haven’t gotten any less hectic in March.

Work is kicking my butt. I’ve been working on my first webinar on Wednesday. I can do this, but am a bit intimidated. Yeah, new stuff. another *** opportunity for growth (AFOFG, which I’m sure I’d used before but apparently haven’t). I’m getting multiple new clients a month, too. Some are one time, some are ongoing so there’s been a lot of juggling and “wait, what, who are you and what do you want?” I’ve been developing my “keep clients separate” techniques for a while, so I’m not totally floundering. But eep!

Added into all of that was being on call for federal jury duty for the past 2 weeks. Really. I understand an all. But having to caveat every client meeting with “Yes, I can schedule this now, but I am on call for jury duty and may not be able to make it….” was stressful. Happily I wasn’t called. Particularly given they were seating the Barry Bonds jury this week. That’s *all* I needed. I have only been to one Major League game and I was about 12 at the time. Add in that I a city without a major league team, so I can see that ending up being a plus to getting on the panel. Plus, my bio background and I can see the prosecution arguing pretty vociferously that I should be seated. GLAD IT WASN’T ME!

Taxes are still on my plate. Need to email the accountant because her packet has gotten put somewhere “safe” and I don’t remember where that was. *sigh*

Add in to that our WoW guild is working hard to get a bunch of achievements and get enough folks to do 10 man raids. That’s been grinding rep and armor. Lots of fun and I think we’re getting better at both working as a team and learning the fights. We even managed a heroic Stonecore run last weekend which was awesome. We wiped a lot, but one of our tanks had never successfully tanked one of the bosses and she managed it that run. And, of course, the helm that was perfect for my shammy dropped on the last boss. The night before, though, I’d decided that it was unlikely we’d manage a heroic stonecore run any time soon (and the chances of my shammy helm dropping were very low) and bought a similar helm. D’oh!!!

Last night we did a 10-man Kara with 8 of us. One of the players was a 70 DK, the rest of us were all 85 geared with at least a few heroics. At one point we got separated running through a tower looking for bosses. One group found a boss and was dying all over the place. Meanwhile the group I was in found another boss. Me (heal / DPS), Steve (DPS), and Rika (Tank/DPS/Heal). We talked about it and decided the 3 off us could take him. So, while the other group of 5 was wiping, we managed to kill the final boss all by ourselves and get the guild achievement.

Oh! And I’ve been introduced to PVP, and it was *fun*. Lots of fun. Insane. But I’ve not done a whole lot and, at lvl 85 it seems like a bad thing to go into a battle ground as a total newb and screw it up. But the guild took us in and gave us some pointers the other day. Fun. Total nuts and I’m not very good. It’s the first time I’ve really played end game content, though, and I’m having lots of fun. There’s still lots of questing to do (both low level and dailies), rep grinding and groups. Whee!

After faffing around posting here, I’m going to get breakfast, spend a couple hours catching up on work (probably my talk, but I need to get a new project started, too) and then hopefully go get in a couple hours of playing. At least today I can function. I had a *killer* migraine Friday night that kept me up much of the night. The major pain went away by around 10, but my head was still feeling fragile and painfull all day yesterday. I think I’m going to have to give up chocolate cake. Or possibly chocolate cake and red wine. That seems to be a major trigger for me.

There’s so much I want to write about, but I just can’t seem to find the time, energy and discipline. I’ve been writing a lot for work and by the time I get to the evening I just don’t want to put Yet More Words down. About all I can seem to manage is a couple tweets or a short FB update.


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