Aaaah, Friday

It’s been one killer of a week. Today was pretty good, mostly billing and monthly accounting. Happily our receivables are making the April 15 payments look less horrific. At one point, before I knew what we were billing out, I made an offhand comment about what they were going to be. I was within $1000 of the actual total, which amused me and prompted the accountant to wonder who we could overbill to meet my target. (Calm down, we didn’t overbill anyone…)

Kinda reminds me of when I was in grad school and money for groceries was tight. I’d keep a vague running total in my head and generally was within 2 – 3 dollars at the register. Written budget? I don’t need no stinking written budget.

But it’s Friday. I have a corpse reviver (no. 2) in my hand. Raiders of the Lost Ark is playing on TV. There was a cat in my lap for a while. All in all, I’m starting to throw off the stress of the week and chill. Raiders is a movie I’ve seen often enough I don’t need to watch, but just listening to the soundtrack is enough to make me smile. And, hey, melting Nazis.

This weekend is going to be busy. We’re moving into new colo space and need to go over and look at it and mount some servers. I have (based on today’s accounting) 4 new clients so I need to set out my todo lists and customer notes for them before I get confused, forget one or just drop the ball. We’re also going to a friend’s belated birthday party on Saturday night.

I’m very glad the week is over.


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  1. I used to be able to do those running totals in my head but I’m out of practice so not so good at it anymore. I guess I’d rather be out of practice than doing the grocery shopping though, so it’s all good. LOL

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