Cauliflower and cats

The most frequently read post on my blog is Cauliflower is Cat Poison! I wrote that more than 2 years ago, telling about Valeria’s reaction to me allowing her to sniff the raw cauliflower I was eating. Whenever I look at my stats, that post is at the top. And, in fact, despite the low content and great age of that post it is the 3rd hit in google if you search for “cauliflower cat.”

There are some readers, though, who appear to have a deep disgust for that post. In fact, they go into full SIWOTI syndrome and attempt to lecture me on my knowledge of cat nutrition. My favorite (unapproved) comment:

Please do the world a favor and LEARN SOMETHING.
Cauliflower is NOT poisonous to cats. Some vets actually recommend it for extra fiber in a cats diet.
Exactly how did you figure out that it was poisonous?
Did you read it on the ‘Interwebs’? I read Hitler is still alive and living in Las Vegas as a show girl on the ‘interwebs’.
Did someone tell you this nugget of info? if so smack them, hard.

This came through a few months ago, and I just looked at it and laughed. I mean, really? I never fed the cat cauliflower. I was joking about her reaction to me offering it to her. She was convinced I was trying to poison her.

So, just for the record: My post titled Cauliflower is cat poison is not intended to be nutritional information. It’s also not intended to be factual. It was a silly story I posted on my blog one evening because the cat was silly. While I am trained in nutrition, all of that training is in livestock (herbivores) and humans. Cats are carnivores and, uh, beats me. Also, as a pharmacologist friend of mine likes to say, cats are from Mars and don’t react like anything else on earth to drugs and stuff. I make no claims about them intended to be factual.

I can’t believe I’m actually having to write this update, but it’s clear that my silly post had deeply upset and offended people. It’s OK, you can stop the comments about how wrong I am.



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4 responses to “Cauliflower and cats

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  2. Seems like there always has to be one weirdo out there. I get them every now and then.

    You should see the comment I got about the lawsuit. LOL

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  4. TC

    The update on this post is hilarious! 🙂 I actually dropped (inadvertently) some little pieces of raw cauliflower in my cats’ food dishes when I was making a recipe, so I did a quick online search to see if cauliflower is bad for kitties. A search of “Is cauliflower poison for kitties?” led me straight to your article – which made me laugh (although I admit, I was momentarily alarmed before I fully grasped what you were saying).

    I guess the people you offended took the info rather literally. It can be tough to convey those little nuances in text that would be perceived as obviously humorous in verbal conversation.

    Too funny!

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