How I spent my Saturday

Actually, it’s as much how *we* spent our Saturday. All times are approximate, but reasonably close.

8am: get up, go out to breakfast at the diner. We discover it’s one of their mexican special mornings: pulled pork huevos rancheros with chaoyte potato hash. Yum. They even make it for me without the eggs. The salsa verde was spicy, to pork cooked perfectly and a wonderful way to start a long day.

9am: Head over to Henghold truck rental to pick up our cargo van. They were efficient and awesome and just generally a pleasure to deal with. Their trucks were clean and in great shape. Definitely would rent here again in a heartbeat.

9:30am: Get to the colo and start looking at everything that needs to be moved. Really worried about the big 5U database server as it’s a monster of a thing. Steve checks hosted customers and realizes one customer is still logged in and decides not to shut stuff down until the scheduled time of 10.

10am: Steve starts backups and shutdowns. I start pulling unused rails and equipment and shifting out to the truck. As stuff gets shut down it gets unracked and dumped in the van. The huge server came out a lot easier than we expect. The hand truck was a definite win, though.

Noon: Cabinet is totally stripped, everything is in the truck. We head over to the east bay. Stop at the Mall of America for a potty break, LOTS of cold liquid and some lunch.

1:30pm: Get to HE and move in the giant server. Spend some time fiddling with rails and then get the server racked. Discover that the cabinet doors are 1mm closer together than the front plate of the big server. Ponder hammering it in, but discover that torquing the server makes it fit. Decide that server is never coming out again. Move in second load of servers and get those racked.

3pm: Move the last load of servers in and get them racked. I worked out how to work the new label maker (no, I don’t want flag labels right now, how do I turn this off?!?!) and Steve starts spinning things up.

3:45pm: Truck needs to be back by 5, so I head out to take it back. Drive around the bay again, fuel up then offload a bucket of stuff into the car. The guys at the truck place are very kind and offer to help me move stuff, but I decline. They do take a bucket of foam and throw it out for me.

4:45pm: Get back to the colo. Steve is finishing up bringing servers up. Decide that he can do what needs to be done remotely. Install one final shelf at the very top of the cabinet to hold the toolbox. Take a picture of the pretty front of the cabinet. Close up and head home.

5:30pm: Get home. Discover there’s some routing thing that means Steve can’t usefully get into the machines. Pout a bit. Discuss going back tonight. Discuss if we want to go to friends birthday party up in Berkeley. Decide to put off the decision until after the shower.

7pm: We’re finally clean and decide to head up to Berekely and put off the colo trip until Sunday.

8 – 11pm: Have a fun evening at the friend’s birthday party. We ate yummy lemon cake, good pizza, Pimms and Lemonade, and we got to play with their adorable and friendly cats. One crawled into my lap and slept for quite a while, which was awesome and meant lovely people waited on me hand and foot. (What? No one was going to make the cat move just because I wanted another drink or some cake or something…)

Midnight: We get home and feed the cats and collapse into bed. Grover is quite annoyed that we’ve been gone all day and decides he wants to PLAY. We briefly discuss throwing him outside and never letting him in again. We do throw him off the bed a couple times because he’s being a Bad Cat (pouncing on the bed isn’t allowed… I’d like it to be allowed but Gover doesn’t do “this is OK now but not OK later…” very well, so we have to keep it to “no pouncing on the bed.”). Eventually the cat leaves us alone and we go to sleep.

6:30am: It’s dawn and Grover is convinced we SHOULD BE UP and the pouncing starts again. Bad Cat is Bad. He finally settles down and we both manage to go back to sleep.

10:30 am: I finally wake back up. Steve has been up for some unknown amount of time. Valeria is in her spot on my feet. I get up and make coffee and bake pastries.

Right now our plans for Sunday involve maybe going back to the colo. Steve’s diagnosed one of the problems and may be able to fix it from here (yay! I’ll have email again) and then see if we can get into the database server or have to go back out. With all the planning for the big move, I have no food for dinner. I was thinking steaks, but I don’t know if any grocery stores are open and I have not bought meat. If they’re not, I’ll need to rethink things.

All in all, a very busy weekend. But, it’s *DONE*. Now all we need to do is figure out where our other HE cabinet is (it’s in their other fremont facility and we can’t remember how to get there, it’s been that long since we’ve had to touch that server) and pull that server. Monday I get to shut down our Integra account (YAY!).


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