A brief segue into spam

I wrote this up as a rant post for the work blog, but I don’t think it really fits well over there. At the same time, I’m kinda pissed off about this whole situation. I mean, someone who claims she is a delivery professional, running a list named delivery professionals that can’t actually manage to stop sending mail to people who unsubscribe from her list?

So, yes, I did subscribe to the list many years ago. I unsubscribed after reading for a while and deciding it wasn’t a list I found valuable. At some point, for some reason, I started getting mail on the list again. Seriously? Fine. I unsubscribed again.

Today, that list started sending me mail again. I’m a little unsure of what to do to actually make the mail stop.

  1. Just unsubscribe again and wait for the apparently inevitable resubscription.
  2. Send a complaint to abuse@ the company, while knowing enough about the company to know that the person handling abuse@ is probably the same person who can’t run a mailing list.
  3. Send a complaint to abuse@ their upstream about failures to honor unsubscription and hope that abuse@ doesn’t give the company my name. See, I had a potential client ask me about this service in the past and I said out I was unaware of anyone using this particular company to make binary delivery decisions. About a week later there was a totally passive aggressive rant about me (not by name) losing them business by being honest on that company blog.
  4. Call out the company publicly and point out that it’s difficult to trust their services when they can’t get their own house in order.
  5. Just block the mail.

Of course, I already managed to annoy another group this month by telling them I was a little concerned about some of the rhetoric they were publishing. I didn’t mean to pick a fight, one of the board members actually told me to contact them with my concerns. So I did and it went ugly. I don’t need another one of those this month. But, how many times do I have to unsubscribe?


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