Summer vacation cooking

This year we’ve been invited to spend a week at Rehobeth with my parents, brother and other bits of extended family. This is their normal June vacation, but we’ve not been able to make it the last few years because it overlapped (or came close enough) MAAWG in Europe. June MAAWG is in SF this year, meaning we don’t have to travel a long distance. Plus, they rented some giagantic house with a guest house and actually have space for the two of us to go.

That’s a rather long way to say that we’re headed to Rehobeth for a week with family. As part of the big family vacation, each family gets a night to cook. Mom called us and told us that the cousins who read my blog (*wave*) and my facebook page insisted that we get a night to cook, too.

Steve and I had already talked about cooking dinner for everyone, even before we knew that it was expected of us. I’d already investigated the presence of a farmer’s market and what they had. We decided to basically shop for what looked good and then plan a meal around it. I have to admit, I’m worried about not disappointing everyone. We’re basically going into a strange kitchen with unknown appliances and shopping at a market where I’m not familiar with the seasonal produce without our usual source of recipes and hoping to meet everyone’s expectations.

BUT! I have solved that problem. Last night I made Alice Waters’ Strawberry Shortcake with cream biscuits. It was really simple and incredibly tasty. We could do hot dogs (not that there’s anything wrong with hot dogs, but it’s a metaphor for something cheap and filling!) and then serve that as dessert and it would all be OK.  In fact, we had the leftovers for breakfast, with some extra fresh berries (raspberries and blueberries) to round out the ‘meal.’

So I’m envisioning a dessert bar with piles of fresh berries and fruit (peaches may be in season!), whipped cream and little biscuits. I think this will satisfy. Yum. But right now another biscuit and berries is calling my name.


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