Smashing success

Last night’s soup was really tasty. That one is definitely going into the back pocket. I said I’d had worse bean soups in restaurants and Steve replied this was the sort of soup you invited company over for. It’s a good thing we liked it, though, there is a metric buttload of leftovers.

Today is actually a work day for both of us. Steve’s working on final release of a new product and I’m pasting together text for the document I’m shepherding and that we’re discussing this week. Then I need to think about how this session is going to be structured. With luck we’ll have half the doc finished by July.

I also need to pay quarterly taxes, contact the DMV to figure out why I’ve not received the car renewal notice yet, finish dealing with the mortgage company, do lots of laundry, pack and do general cat related chores. Maybe I will get a few hours to hit things with sticks later. I got the most EPIC stick last night: Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending. I so owe the guild but will happily heal them through more trash runs.


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