Lazy Saturday

It’s the first Saturday since May that we haven’t been packing, unpacking, traveling, or getting ready to travel. I don’t know what to do with myself, and my motivation is seriously lacking to figure it out.

It’s supposed to be hot here today, so I’m enjoying the cool breeze while it lasts. We survived yesterday without AC, but it’s supposed to be 10 degrees warmer today and that’s just a no-go. There are a billion things I feel like I should be doing, but I can’t get motivated for any of them.

Steve’s making me bacon this morning and maybe that will help me wake up and get motivated. His cousin and 2 friends are coming and looking for a place to stay so we need to clean the 2nd bedroom so there’s enough crash space.

It’s been a busy summer already, and it’s just gone July. I’m exhausted.


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