Roast veggie enchiladas

There was a small amount of bean and rice leftover from the veggie burritos we made. I also had some leftover roasted tomatoes and squash from the veggie box and a jar of enchilada sauce. *lightbulb*

Enchiladas are always messy to make. It seems no matter how careful I try to be, everything I touch ends up covered in sauce. But they’re easy to make, particularly when it’s all leftovers. About the only work outside of assembly was chopping the roast veggies into bite size chunks. Steve grated some young cheddar for a topping and then it was just assembly.

  1. Coat flour tortilla in sauce, on both sides
  2. Add small amount of filling
  3. Wrap tortilla around filling
  4. Place wrap in baking dish with a small layer of enchilada sauce on each side
  5. Repeat until you have filled your dish with wraps
  6. Cover with enchilada sauce
  7. Cover with cheese
  8. Bake (350 f0r 30 minutes or until cheese is melty and sauce is bubbly)
  9. Serve.
They were really good. Neither of us is a big fan of squash, but this was a good way to use it.

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