We’ve not had many quakes since we moved to CA. 3 or 4, most of them relatively small. So when I heard about the 5.8 in Richmond, I did some mental math and dismissed it as no big deal. Parents and such would be fine. There might be a small amount of shaking, but I didn’t expect that there would be much even as far as DC.

Richmond -> DC similar to Napa -> Redwood City.

Then I started hearing about tremors felt in NYC. Buh? That’s like feeling a LA quake up here. That’s a lot of propagation. And then I thought a little bit about all the unreinforced masonry and brick on the east coast. So I started trying to call mom and dad, and lines were jammed for about 30 minutes.

My friend Kate had a relevant point – the eastern US is mostly granite shelf. We’re a bunch of crumbly sand and fault lines. Yes, ground will be different. Quakes will be different.

Anyway, the family is OK. I talked to Mom and Dad. Karen has talked to all her various bits and reported on Facebook. I haven’t heard from my brother, but as he’s security at Marymount, I’m not going to bug him while he’s probably swamped with stuff.

A friend did lose a coffee cup, and a bucket of tools fell off the workbench in the house. But it all seems to be mostly OK.


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