Welcome to 2012

Logging into the blog today tells me I didn’t manage to post anything during December. Thinking back, it was an even more than normal bit of crazy around here. Most of that is because we left for the UK on Dec 22, meaning a month’s worth of work was smashed into 3 weeks. I was a little surprised, I thought I had managed to get at least one post out here, but apparently not.

We had a great trip. We spent Christmas with Steve’s mum and Mike, then headed up to Edinburgh on the 28th. We spent an exciting week vacationing in Edinburgh. Lots of sightseeing was involved and I have some wonderful pictures of the town and the castles there.

We also took part in Hogmanay, which is a 3 day celebration of New Year’s. We started on Dec 30 as part of the torch bearing mob and procession through the streets. Then the 31, there was a giant street party with lots of fireworks. On the first there were city-wide games and visiting.

In addition to all the organized activities in Edinburgh, we visited the Scottish National Museum, some of the Edinburgh underground, Arthur’s seat, Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, and the Scottish Parliament building. We survived a windstorm that shut down the city and much of the island. It was blowing so hard outside that our hotel was shaking. We took an sleeper train from Edinburgh to London Wednesday night, then spent Thursday playing at the London Science Museum.

Friday we got up early and headed home. I have 500 some-odd pictures which I’ll be uploading over the next few weeks.

I did the first set of Caernarfon castle in North Wales that I took Christmas eve. It was not sunny any of the days we were in Wales, but I was reasonably happy with the lighting for many of those shots. Somewhere I have a collection of pictures from an earlier trip when we toured the castle, I’m going to have to look for those.


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