Mail, iCloud and iCal

Apple. Oh. Apple.

So their new iCal / iCloud integration doesn’t allow you to interfere in the sending of emails to people who are listed in the “invitees” part of a calendar invitation. Given I don’t invite folks very often, this is OK.

Where it becomes a problem is when I get invited to things. I want some control over the email process and don’t want Apple splashing my iTunes ID all over the world.

This appears to be totally impossible with the new Apple iCal integrated with iCloud.

But, y’know, I pay for support for a reason, so I go through the support process and talk to a rep.

First off rep says: not Apple’s problem, we can’t affect other calendaring services. “Uh, iCloud isn’t apple?” So he has me go through my setup and reluctantly admits that, maybe, it is an apple issue given I’m using an apple software product on apple hardware in an apple cloud.

“What’s your real issue?” My real issue is I need to delete a calendar that’s ended up duplicated. This calendar is at least 5 years old, and the application says it’s going to send email to EVERYONE on any event in the calendar. I’m going to mail bomb 5 years of contacts through your cloud server.

“Yup. Sorry. Nothing we can change.”


“All I can tell you to do is go to and provide feedback to our developers.”

fine. Sorry to everyone who got a calendar mail bomb from me. Blame apple.

But, wait, there’s more.

I got to the website the support rep gave, go through the steps, provide all this BS information… and click submit. Mind you, there’s no place to actually enter in text and feedback, but I figure that is on the next page.

No, no it’s not. Apple says “please enter your comment in the text box.”


So, 2 hours today fighting with a stupid Apple issue. And I still ended up mail bombing folks. My only comfort is that it’s Apple’s servers that will be blocked, not mine.

Steve took a look at stuff and it appears that downloading and installing this script does work to stop iCal replies.

Apparently no one in apple uses iCal or iCloud, though.


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  1. So glad you found the script helpful.

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