A state of incoherent rage

I’ve been watching the news today and have found my rage meter totally broken. I can’t even string paragraphs together coherently to explain why. On some level I’m not even sure why this is so infuriating, I am an upper class, professional, white woman. The chances of the Republican party or the Catholic church actually enacting policies which actually impact my reproductive system are slim. I can go over seas, I can afford a health plan they don’t support, it’s not going to affect me.

Except it does. A bunch of old white men are discussing whether their religion is more important than actual health care for half the American population. I realize that it’s scary we regularly bleed from our vaginas, but really, you can’t pretend that all organs a man doesn’t have don’t exist or that we should pay more for having them. I mean, I know it’s tough to believe, but just because men don’t have boobs and other lady parts doesn’t mean that, somehow, we women are aliens that don’t deserve care.

And the rhetoric about how liberals support birth control because they want to stop the poor from breeding? Are you freaking kidding me? Postponing child bearing is one of the best ways for people to get out of poverty. I want women to be able to succeed and prosper and raise all the healthy kids they want. Birth control is part of that.

And don’t pretend women just shouldn’t have sex if they don’t want to get pregnant. When I brought up the fear that I was worried about getting pregnant the man who raped me, do you know what he said? “Well, why aren’t you on the pill?” Yeah. Really. I wasn’t on the pill for a lot of reasons, but being sexually inactive was high up the list.

I am seething with rage over this and I can’t even …

And then the free marketers come in about how it’s TOO EXPENSIVE to cover birth control. But that’s a total freaking lie, because 10 years of birth control is a whole LOT cheaper than even an uneventful pregnancy. Of course, we probably shouldn’t keep making that comparison, because they’ll just decide some religion, somewhere has a moral objection to pregnancy and that shouldn’t be covered under health insurance either.

But, let’s be totally honest here. The Republicans are doing this because they HATE the idea of health care. They hate the fact that the ACA is a fact. And they will hook onto any option to attempt to defeat it after losing fair and square at the ballot box.

This is a deregulatory push cloaked in a religious objection. President Obama and Democrats are trying to standardize and secure the same access to health care for everyone, and Republicans are deliberately acting to reduce health insurance security, reliability and portability.

Yeah, That.



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