“Busy” seems a recurring theme in my life. Last week was MAAWG in SF and that meant 4 days of networking, people, email, energy, food, drink and friends. Between planning for sessions and working on the doc I’m shepherding, I haven’t found a lot of energy to write long blog posts.

Then there’s been my ongoing outrage about all the anti-woman legislation being proposed throughout the US. I’ve been randomly posting short rants (one or two sentences) on FB. I can’t seem to develop a longer set of thoughts because it is all just so offensive and makes me so angry that I get about 4 sentences in and just start yelling and waving my arms around.

Then there’s the Gentleman from Northern Virginia who took to the house floor last week to tell a “hysterical” story about how his wife turned down his advances (complete with background music) because she saw a news report about the bill he is the primary sponsor of. It seems he expects an apology from one of his colleagues for actually saying what the bill did. Sadly, the Gentleman doesn’t appear to be able to say the word trans-vaginal (trans-v this and trans-v that) despite writing a bill requiring it to be done to women.

All well and good and it was a bit of an amusing story. But I can’t figure out what the point was. Because he doesn’t seem to understand this bill has Really Pissed Off a lot of women (including, apparently, his wife). Nor does he actually take this as a learning experience to maybe reconsider his position. Nor does he actually give his wife agency in making the decision to “go to bed” instead of reacting well to his overtures. Rather, he blames the fact he didn’t get laid on one of his male colleagues for going on TV and saying the word “trans-v.”

It was funny, I laughed, too. But then I thought about what was his point, and I couldn’t find it and then it just sounded stupid. Anyway, I can’t quite put my finger on why that whole episode made me so uncomfortable, but it did.

We basically took this weekend off. Today I made pea and ham soup, Steve built a cat-chasing robot. Yesterday we played MMOs most of the day. Now we’re watching the cats play. I am kinda not ready to go back to work, but *sigh*.


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