Spring in California

This weekend we had some absolutely glorious weather. Saturday we drove out to Half Moon Bay just to get out. We walked around the harbor some, watched dogs play and birds do whatever it is birds do. Then we wandered over to Half Moon Bay Brewing and parked ourselves at the fire pit. It’s not that the pit was lit, but we really just wanted to sit and have some beer and maybe some snacks and enjoy the sun.

We watched people, and dogs, and drank beer and ate seafood.

I’m only a little sunburned.

When we finally got tired of that, we walked down the beach some more. Then I decided we needed ice cream cones, so we found a place to sell us a wonderful gelato in a fresh waffle cone. We wandered down the beach some more dribbling ice cream all over our fingers.

We took the long way home, all the way down route 1 to Santa Cruz and then back over the hill home. It was a long day, but the sun and wind and surf were relaxing and refreshing.

One of the fun bits of the day was a pelican who seems to have adopted the anglers on the fishing dock. The bird was very content to hang out and try and scam food. Apparently the bird even knows how to get into coolers. The anglers were telling stories to the tourists about the bird and the silly things he did.

The sunburn was so worth the lovely day.


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