Clearing the cobwebs

Things have been stressed and icky around here lately. But this morning I cleared the cobwebs out of my running shoes (literally… there’s a spider living in the bedroom) and went for a walk. I thought I’d try the whole couch 2 5K thing, but was worried about how much condition I’d lost.

I was mostly worried about my ankles, they tend to be quite weak. In fact, my most recent abandonment of walking was because of craps up the outside of my calves. But my warmup went well and I was feeling pretty good so I decided to do the 20 minutes of run then walk.

1.36 miles in a little over 20 minutes.   (20:42 to be exact). I finished with a 27 minute power walk to get me up to a full 5K. I slightly failed on that, I didn’t do math right and ended up doing 4.94K not 5. (Why, no, that doesn’t round up to 5K, why do you ask?)

With warmup and cool down it was about 4.7 miles in about a hour and 20 minutes. A little long to commit to every day, but not bad for a first pass. Hopefully as I get stronger I can get my 5K done in 47 minutes.


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