Cobwebs part deux

So this morning I woke up … feeling every minute of yesterday’s exercise. I believe this is my body screaming “DUMASS!!” at me. I’ve never been very good at patience. I did a little bit of walking today, just wandering around Palo Alto shopping and a jaunt up to Home Depot to buy some light bulbs and wiring bits. But I at least feel like I haven’t totally wimped out today.

I’m getting different advice from the Intarwebs about what is best to do. Some sites tell me don’t do anything until the pain is fully gone. Other sites tell me “active recovery” is  good, and to do light levels of exercise that caused the initial overwork.

As long as it’s not worse tomorrow I’ll go for a light walk. Maybe. I can’t decide. I did the walk yesterday “listening to my body” and am paying the price. But I definitely want to create a new habit which means getting my butt out of bed tomorrow morning. Decisions, decisions.

But now I must go feed cats, before they eat each other.


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  1. alsohuey

    I’ve always been taught that strength muscles take a couple days to recover, but core cardio is something you can do every day, so if you’re doing actual strength training, you want to do legs one day and arms the next, but it’s okay to elevate your heart rate every day.

    Of course, the Army interprets this to mean “run six miles every day, and beat the crap out of major muscle groups every other day”, and I’m not certain that advice helps you any. My advice: if you wake up in the morning still feeling the effects of yesterday’s workout, take today easy and come back to it tomorrow. And taking it easy might consist of getting loose enough to get some fluid in your joints (in the Army, this was “run about a quarter mile”, for you it will probably be something less active) and then stretching, and that’s all. The stretching is kind of important, though.

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