Exhausting weekend

We had a packed weekend: Maker Faire on Saturday and then today we headed out to watch the USS Iowa pass out of the bay under the Golden Gate bridge. Sadly, the weather south is bad and they didn’t take her out. But the weather out here was AWESOME and we got a 4+ hour cruise on a Liberty ship! We headed from SF to Richmond to see the Iowa in her berth. After a proper salute and toast, we headed out under the Golden Gate.

It was an amazing trip through the bay on the coolest boat out there today. The SS Jeremiah O’Brien is a restored Liberty ship from WWII. It’s been restored and is maintained by a group of volunteers. They have done a wonderful job. We were lucky enough to grab a tour of the engine room and it was amazing. I can’t wait to see how the photos turned out.

I took hundreds of photos this weekend and it’s going to take me an age to sort and process them,  particularly given that I don’t have either iPhoto or Aperture installed on my emergency stunt double laptop. But I’ll try and get some up in the next few days. Now? I need a shower, lots of lip balm for my poor windblown and chapped lips and pizza.

Then bed. To sleep the sleep of the dead.


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