June? How did it get to be June

2012 hasn’t exactly been the least stressful year ever. Even worse, most of the stress is external and out of our control. Family illness, personal illness, the house getting broken into… All things that resulted in stress but nothing we had any real control over.

The better news is things are starting to look up. I’m feeling a lot more hopeful about the next six months.

Tomorrow is kinda exciting. The WWDC keynote is at 10 am. Rumors suggest that Apple will be launching new MacBook pros. We’ve both been limping along on old hardware since the break in. It’s been painful for both of us. Steve doesn’t have the CPU to run his build systems and my laptop is so old it won’t run Lion. But we should be able to order new hardware tomorrow. It may be weeks, but it feels like progress.

Once I get a new laptop I should be able to edit and post the pictures I took at maker faire and on our recent tour of the bay. Having them sit on my SD card is annoying. But, I don’t think my current hardware will run aperture in any real sense of the word “run.”

On the “changes make it better” theory (and here is where I mention my mantra is: “Change is bad. We fear change.”) I signed up for a 12 weeks to a 5k run class with a local running store. We finished week one, and it wasn’t too bad. I had started a solo couch to 5k program earlier so I’ve been training a little ahead of the class. But not by much. I am not convinced I want to race. But I do want to be able to run a 5k.

Because I wasn’t feeling well and the doctor recommended not traveling we skipped MAAWG Berlin. I am sorry I missed it and missed seeing friends and colleagues. But I’m really glad I didn’t go on just about every other level. I’ve just been feeling so behind, that the 2 weeks of travel getting ready, traveling and recovering… is just 2 weeks I don’t think I could have spared. And now instead of feeling even further behind, I’m actually feeling like I’m catching up.

Overall, it’s not been a great year so far, but it is looking up. Watch for new pictures soon.



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