5 K training: 2nd week

Today was our 2nd meeting at the store to do a 1.25 mile run and then talk about stretching and cool downs.

I got there early to talk about shoes. And got fitted for a new pair that I did the evening’s run in. Reasonably comfy, a little different than what I’ve been wearing. Jim, the owner at Fleet Feet Menlo Park, was really helpful and let me try all sorts of combinations of shoes and inserts and stuff. As I’ve said more than a few times, I absolutely *HATE* shoe shopping with a passion. But Jim made it not nearly as painful as most experiences. He talked about my foot structure and how I was loading. He even commented that his wife gets blisters in the same place I do and what kinds of things will help that.

The training is definitely working. I can feel myself getting stronger and my heart rate monitor is showing my heart rate is not going up as high and coming back down much faster. I also “overtrained” last week, mostly because I can’t follow directions well. I’m not sore, which is good, but my leg muscles are definitely tired. Tomorrow is a rest day, and I am going to appreciate the day off.

I’m beginning to understand why people like running, though. It kinda sucks doing it, but the endorphins are FUN!


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  1. alsohuey

    No, really, it sucks. Y’know why people run, really? It’s because it’s like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer: it feels REALLY GOOD when you stop.

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