5K training: 3rd week

Yesterday was our 3rd Monday run from the store. It was supposed to be 1.25 miles, but my GPS tells me it was a little over 1.4.

I’ve been combining the NoBo 5K training with the C25K training from CoolRunning. I have also not been following directions too closely. One of the reasons I started with this running thing was to be able to increase my exercise mileage without increasing the amount of time I have to commit to exercising. For that reason I’m reluctant to lower the mileage from where I was when I was walking (which both the programs want me to do).

But, my longer mileage is done at a slower pace. That means I need to run longer. So I’m pushing a bit to get more running in while keeping the same mileage.

I did last night. I set my GPS to 3/1 intervals, but ran through the first 2 walk intervals. I’m feeling it this morning. I’m really feeling it. I think this is good, but I’m very glad today is officially a rest day.



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