5K Training: 5th week

A little late on the update. Which is silly ’cause I had a milestone this week.  I ran the entirety of Monday night’s group run. Not intervals. Not some intervals. Not just walking. But ran the whole 1.5 miles.

Hey, baby steps, right?

I also did 2 miles (with intervals) in 27 minutes on Wednesday. And clocked my best pace so far.

Overall I’m feeling stronger and making progress. The rate of progress has slowed from when I first started. And that’s frustrating on one level. On another level, I’ve gone out at least 3x a week (and sometimes more) for a month. So I’ve at least demonstrated I can be consistent. And when I add up everything I did more than 50 miles in June. Much of it was walking, but still, 50 miles.

Saturday is 1.75 miles of hills. It makes me tired just thinking about it.



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