5K Training: week 7

Did a 1.5 mile run last night with the group. 20 minutes. I did run the whole way, at a slow but regular pace. Even better, my heart rate stayed reasonably consistent. Last Saturday was a 2.5 mile run. I convinced myself I was going to run the whole thing, even if I ran it *slow* and slow I did (15 min / mile). I could have gone faster with intervals or just by walking. But I don’t want to keep relying on intervals. I want to run. So I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. Took me 40 minutes, but I ran the whole way.

My runs seem to be following the same process. The first 2 minutes are fine, the next 10 minutes or so are horrible and then it’s OK. Well, the last 15 minutes of Saturday’s run was totally by attitude, but that was our longest run to date.

I don’t feel like I’m progressing fast enough. I don’t think I’m making the progress I should. But then I noticed this morning that my upper arms are changing shape and I’m starting to get some muscle definition there. And last night we were standing around talking after our run and I realized that I was cooled off and talking normally and not huffing and puffing. It was a run, I did it and it was over and it wasn’t this “OMG, I’m so tired and exhausted.” Today I feel pretty good. No soreness, even where I’ve been tight recently (down my right leg).

That, of course, brings a whole other level of insanity to this process. (Wibbling behind the cut)

There’s quite a bit of research that shows that intentionally losing weight does cause some really crappy metabolic issues. For instance, people who’ve lost weight need fewer calories to maintain that new weight than people who are naturally at that weight. If I lose weight because I’m running and exercising more, am I going to be stuck restricting calories for ever? Not that I’m currently trying to “restrict” calories. I’ve been tracking them (between 1500 and 1900 a day) but more to make sure I’m fueling properly.

I know my body is changing shape, and I am firming up. I have no idea if I’ve lost weight or not (no scales in the house). I’ve definitely lost inches, but I’ve also put on quite a bit of muscle. And, well, I’m getting muscle definition in my arms. And divots in my hips. I know my heart is healthier and I have more endurance than I did 2 months ago (duh, 40 minutes of running on saturday).

It’s a good thing. And I am freaking out about things that haven’t and may never happen.

But, what if… *wibble*


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