Group run

Just before I forget. Did the first mile in tonight’s 1.8 mile run in 12:37. Did the 1.8 miles at a pace of 13:01. Progress. Ran the whole way and spent most of it telling myself “faster.” Fastest pace so far, and the run itself felt pretty good.

I’m a little concerned (not really concerned, but it seems I can’t keep my heart rate down and I can’t figure out if I’m doing something wrong or if my physiology is just weird) that my heart rate is still so high when I’m running. But it’s staying consistent, as I improve my pace and speed. Right now to keep my heart in the “aerobic” zone I have to walk. Any amount of running puts me out of that zone and up into a higher one. But I am including walks into my training, so hopefully that will build my aerobic fitness.

I have been totally craving protein the last few days, though. Grilled chicken. NUM.


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